Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The “History in a Box” project is part of the
Tustin Unified School District's third grade history curriculum.

This project was a collaboration in 1999 between historian
Carol Jordan and Becky Cameron, a third grade teacher at
Tustin Ranch Elementary School.

Today over 100 third grade classes participate in the program

The contents in the box reflect life in Tustin from its early years.
There are household items, costumes, toys, a buttonhook,
McGuffy’s Readers, research books and even a stereopticon
and slides along with many more items.

There are 43 laminated “study prints” which are copies of some
of the Tustin Area Museum’s historical photographs with a short
story of the photo on the back. Study print categories include
pioneers, agriculture, businesses, homes, city and schools.

Also in the box is a Third Grade Curriculum Guide that includes
information on “Life in Tustin”, “Historic Homes” and
“Artifacts and Activities”. There are many more ideas listed than
could be used during a school year so each teacher can select
the topics which will interest their students.

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Teachers, students and parents:
Post your commnents or e-mail us. tustinmuseum@att.net

Schools in program: (Elementary Schools)
Arroyo 11112 Coronel Rd North Tustin, CA 92705(714) 730-7381
Benson 12712 Elizabeth Way Tustin, CA 92780- (714) 730-7531
Beswick 1362 Mitchell Ave.,Tustin, CA 92780(714) 730-7385
Estock 14741 North B St., Tustin, CA 92780- (714) 730-7390
Guin Foss 18492 Vanderlip Ave., North Tustin, CA 92705- (714) 730-7552
Heideman 15571 Williams St., Tustin, CA 92780(714) 730-7521
Ladera 2515 Rawlings WayTustin, CA 92780 (714) 730-7505
Lambert 1151 San Juan St., Tustin, CA 92780- (714) 730-7457
Loma Vista 13822 Prospect Ave., North Tustin, CA 92705(714) 730-7528
Nelson 14392 Browning Ave.,Tustin, CA 92780- (714) 730-7536
Peters Canyon 26900 Peters Canyon Rd.Tustin, CA 92782 (714) 730-7540 Web
Red Hill 11911 Red Hill Ave., North Tustin, CA 92705 (714) 730-7543
Thorman 1402 Sycamore Ave., Tustin, CA 92780-6233 (714) 730-7364
Tustin Memorial 12712 Browning Ave.,North Tustin, CA 92705 (714) 730-7546
Veeh 1701 San Juan St.,Tustin, CA 92780-5204 (714) 730-7544

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Tustin Unified School District

E-mail from Becky Cameron:
Also, Linda Jennings was very instrumental is getting both Carol Jordan and I going. Her backing and enthusiasm gave us lots of initial support. The funding came from the Historical Society, too, and I think she was the one who really pushed that through. (Our memberships and donations at work!)

State of California standards for 3rd grade in the area of Social Studies is for students to learn about the history of their local community. It is because of these standards and the lack of textbooks at the 3rd grade reading level, or any other materials available to teachers and students that the idea of the trunk was created. Below is a summary of those standards.

• Demonstrate an understanding of the natural landscape of the local region, inpreparation for studying local history
• Describe the culture of the local native American Indians of the region and the impact that geography had on their economy government, and culture.
• Demonstrate an understanding of the people who came to the local region and how these people and major historical events contributed to the present day community

I know that learning about Tustin and the field trips to the museum and the Heritage Walk are some of the favorite activities in 3rd grade. I even have parents ask during the first weeks of school if they can be the chaperones on that field trip because they have heard it is so interesting!

Becky Cameron
Peters Canyon Elementary School

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